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Pogramas Culturales

Difundiendo y preservando nuestras raíces y herencia venezolana a través de nuestra comunidad.

Pasos de Venezuela

Pasos de Venezuela was born due to the initiative of a group of Venezuelans, who decided to raise funds in the city of Calgary to send them as aid to Venezuela, to help the Venezuelan people after the flood tragedy in Vargas State, in December 1999.

Since its creation, Pasos de Venezuela has been growing with the firm commitment to preserve and promote the Venezuelan folklore through musical expressions and dances in the province of Alberta. During each presentation, 

Pasos de Venezuela invites the public to make a journey through our geography, full of emotions and varied Venezuelan rhythms with colorful costumes and traditional dances from each region. Thus, being able to enjoy meringues, tamunangues, joropos, calipsos, drums, among other rhythms.

Pasos de Venezuela has participated in the most important festivals in Calgary like: Lilac, Expolatino, FiestaVal, GlobalFest, Heritage Day, and in some community events.

Pasos de Venezuela evokes the land, dances our music, and relives the joy of tradition.


We are Venezuela!

Venezuelan Culture Days

The Venezuelan Culture Days (VCD) is an event sponsored by The Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary (VCAC) and Cantares Venezuelan Cultural Foundation (CVCF), both organizations are non-profit registered in Alberta and are passionate for the diffusion of the Venezuelan culture and folklore. Venezuelan Culture Days is an annual event, that shows expressions of the Venezuelan culture and folklore, including music, film, dance and food, for the enjoyment and multicultural enrichment of all Calgarians. This event aims at promoting multiculturalism and ensuring the preservation of traditions through generations of Venezuelans-Canadians.

The Gala Concert, which represents the opening of the event. A musician group is
always brought from Venezuela to perform a live concert.

Movie Night: A movie filmed in Venezuelan is always projected with Subtitles

Spanish Theatre: A theatre play in Spanish is normally done by two theater groups in Calgary Expresarte and Gato Negro.

Taste of Venezuela: A Festival of Flavours – Venezuelan food, music, folk dance and crafts In this festival of flavours, all the family will have a unique opportunity to taste some of the typical food from Venezuela: arepas, cachapas, cachitos, pastelitos, tres leches, polvorosas, quesillo, and much more. Folk Dance and Music will be also in the program, to showcase the vibrant musicality of Venezuelan people. In addition, and to contribute with the Multiculturism, two groups from other nationalities are invited to this festival and included in the program. Venezuelan artists will exhibit their fabulous arts & crafts. This event closures the Veenzuelan Culture Days

Picnic con Los Panas

The PICNIC con los Panas is a free family event  where familes, friends, neighbours, and co-workers (Canadians or from other communities) are welcome to come and enjoy a day at Venezuelan style. The entertainment will include live music, dances, games, and entertainment for children.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste our gastronomy prepared by Venezuelan chefs.
Attendees will have the opportunity to renew their membership or become an affiliate member of the Association. Members get benefits and deals in the following areas: health, insurance, professional services, courier, aesthetic  real estate, vehicle, travel, and much more.