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Who we are?

The Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary (VCAC) is, a volunteer-based organization, devoted to serving the community. To fulfill its purposes/objective, the VCAC undertakes advancement of education activities, humanitarian activities by providing basic necessities of life for people in need, and also provide advancing the Public‘s appreciation of the arts by organizing cultural events to enrich the lives of all the members of the Calgarian community.


Our mission is to help people and communities in Canada and other Latin countries in times of crisis to ensure a better living environment for people in need or low-income families.


To contribute, build, and develop educational, charitable &  social programs and cultural events to promote the union and growth of ours communities


The Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary (VCAC) is a non-profit organization established on May 31 2000 to help the Latin community, continue building up and working with new generations, collaborate with other communities and associations, and organize annual events such as Venezuelan Culture Days and PICNIC con Los Panas. We have been promoting the Venezuelan culture, and mutual assistance between the Venezuelan community and other ethnic groups to contribute to the social development of Canada and other countries.

Establishing exclusively charitable purposes

Based on the suggested recommendations, we have adopted the following purposes to be considered charity association in the following categories: the relief of poverty (humanitarian program) and the advancement of education exclusively.



Relief of Poverty

  • The VCAC association’s purpose is to focus on providing help to people who have little or no income. Relieving poverty in countries in need by providing medicines, medical and surgical material, food, and monetary support to those requiring expensive medical tests or treatments. It is possible through the Humanitarian Program: Together We Can Help 
  • Helping newcomers and community members in need by providing mattresses, kitchen items, dining furniture, living furniture, winter clothes, winter boots, children’s clothes. The VCAC has a humanitarian program called One Help for One Necessity


Advancement of Education

  • Providing English Classes for Seniors is part of the VCAC educational program. The English classes for seniors have been designed to teach the vocabulary required to overcome the English language barrier.
  • Providing English classes to help refugees to settle in Canada.
  • To advance education by teaching Spanish classes to the Calgarian Community interested in learning the Spanish language.
  • Supporting new immigrants and refugees with job-readiness and life skills training through our Professional Mentorship Program, employment-related skills, workshops, and personal tutorials to learn the techniques required to find a job in their area of expertise.
  • The VCAC is helping the Latin senior community through the Parents and Grandparents Club who face disadvantages with social isolation and support them to become established in Canada due to their lack of English skills.
  • The VCAC provides educational awards(scholarship) to encourage academic excellence. 
  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts:
  • Providing instructional dance classes of the Venezuelan Folklore through Pasos de Venezuela Dance Group to educate the public about the Venezuelan culture.
  • Producing: “The Venezuelan Culture Days” consists of educating the public by showing multiple Venezuelan culture expressions.