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English Classes for Seniors

General Objective

This program was launched for the first time in October 2019. 

The VCAC English classes for seniors are designed to provide Spanish-speaking seniors the vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing skills they need to be able to overcome the language barrier that English represents for newcomers, and help them to integrate to the Canadian Society. Once our senior 55+ people learn the basic English vocabulary and grammar, they will feel confident to socialize with the English-speaking community. They will also learn the way Canadians speak English, improve their confidence in speaking, and make new friends.

Thus, the VCAC is executing one of its mandates, that is support its members in adapting and integrating to the Canadian Culture. 


The ESL course is designed for people in Canada that does not qualify for English Courses provided by the Government of Canada. These courses will give enough knowledge to the participants who are looking to improve their English skills.