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Supporting professional newcomers, professional young, and the community in general through
our Professional Mentorship Program by teaching employment-related skills, workshop, and
personal tutorial for them to learn the techniques required to find a job in their area of
People will receive Personalized Career Guidance and Support. This program matches
newcomers/professionals young with local experts who share similar professional backgrounds.
Skilled newcomers are launched into the job search process by providing them with information
· The requirements, needs, and expectations of employers.
· Creating professional networks.
· Learning about the Canadian Resume Stile.
· Understanding the Canadian culture.
· Adapting to the Canadian workplace.
· Learning about the hidden job market 
· Providing recommendation about learning activities and informative seminars supported by
such as Job searching, resumes, Taxes, entrepreneurship, and much more

The connection between mentors and mentees will be three months with minimum contact of
1-2 per week. The relationship can continue after the first three months and be reactivated if
both parties agree to do it.
The match will be made base on a survey fill up by all the participants, trying to connect similar
profiles (not always possible).

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