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Because expanding your business and helping our community may mean the same thing.

VCAC has a limited number of volunteers who are willing to take on all the operational challenges. However, our organization needs more hands to fulfill our mission as a non-profit organization.

As a partner, your company can directly contribute to helping us grow and reach more beneficiaries of our programs. At the same time, it allows your business to reach more potential customers.

Would you like to be part of the VCAC partnership?

Merli Rojas

She is a talented real estate agent with years of experience in this economic sector. Thanks to her professionalism, she has been able to help hundreds of Hispanic families find a home and not just real estate.
Since 2016 and up to date, Merli has believed in our mission and vision as an organization. That is why we have been honored to have her presence at VCAC as a partner.

Unimarket Inc &
Richard Ospina

It is the largest importer and distributor of products from Central and South America in Western Canada.

Unimarket recognizes the importance of civil organizations for the growth of our community, so since 2014 it shares our objective as a partnership.

Tasty Choice
Bakery and Cafe

Locally recognized for making the most delicious typical Venezuelan desserts and tequeños in Calgary

Its mission is to share at every table our traditions, culture and of course the VCAC’s purpose of helping the Hispanic community to achieve its goals in Canada.

Hispanic Arts

For over 36 years, it has contributed to the cultural life of Calgary through its various cultural and educational programs.

Since 2016, “HAS” has partnered with VCAC because most of their goals as a non-profit organization align with our mandates.

We would definitely like to continue working together for the benefit of our community.

Bibiana Gallego Accounting Services

Tax season is upon us and we know that dealing with the CRA is especially difficult for newcomers. Fortunately, Bibiana Gallego has over 20 years of experience helping our people keep their tax filing status up to date with the Canadian government.

She also shares our commitment to continue helping our community, which is why she is now 5 years as a partner.

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